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How much money you spent on the packing straps?

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We usually have to face our client’s question that How much money per roll of your PP straps? But to be a professional manufacturer of packing straps for many years,we wanna tell our customers that as have many element to decide the price of the packing strap,we only have to check specific request then to quote the best price for you.

Have four key point to decide the price of it as following:
1.The kinds of the pp straps
The packing strap have varies category.If you used is pp packing strap,It’s based on your packing machine,eg:Full-auto pp strap for the full-auto machine,Semi-auto pp strap for the semi-auto machine.And to Light&Super long pp strap is both use for full-auto and semi-auto machine.Fanally,the specific prices is based on you real situations.
2.The parameter of the packing strap
Only know your demands of the specification of the packing strap,then can know the price of the packing strap.
3.The tension strength of the packing strap
Also what’s price and which kinds of packing strap is meet your demands is based on the tension strength of the packing strap you need.
4.The materials of the packing strap
Different material of packing strap have different prices.
If you have any questions or request please feel free to contact us !Our service hotline:400-000-8478



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