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The importance on how a drug firm choose the pp strap

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Poison capsule makes people feel more panic about products made in China, not just powdered milk. How consumers choose the good products? How consumers tell the good products from the bad?

The production technology has matured, then it is important to choose the raw material. The superficially cheap raw material can really reduce the producing cost? For other materials, I don’t know; but for pp packing strap, I am sure it can not. 

As the major pharmaceutical companies in the choice of packing belt, requirement is cheap, good use, apply, rather than just the surface of the cheap! Baiyun Mountain pharmaceutical, automatic machine packing belt, huge amount, not only to control the cost, but also to ensure selection of packing speed, Guangdong bridge Xingda packing material limited company, specifically for the fully automatic machine design the packing belt, automatic packing belt not only environmental protection, than the general sandwich with low density light weight, average per meter unit price is low, but the use of better effect than the sandwich belt ( automatic packing belt requirements hardness, elasticity, good straightness, and sandwich belt due to doping confetti or calcium carbonate and other impurities, hardness enough ); induced Jun industry used transparent packing belt, there is no doubt that this is the new material production packing belt, environmental non-toxic since it is needless to say, the use of printing ink, although not be like common bright, but the real is used vegetable oil, non-toxic, non-irritating taste, and more stable than the chemical dyes, not easily fade nor, ensure the production workshop safety; Li Jian and nine new as long as the choice of the packing belt it is printed in blue, white, packing belt is environment-friendly, white and blue mix, is the blue sky and white clouds portrayal, environmental protection type PP packing belt, is the transformation of enterprises Industry is the most willing to choose material, because of him not only suitable for automatic and semi-automatic machine is used, but the unit price per meter control in between 0.06-0.07 yuan, is a cost-effective products; yellow light packing belt is the global pharmaceutical companies choose to use packing tape, packing belt is light is currently the highest cost-effective products, new raw material, South Korean imports of advanced production machines, per Mick weight minimization, fully automatic, semi-automatic machine can be used,,,,,,


There are many other pharmaceutical companies, they all have in common is that: choose non-toxic environmental protection packing belt, select safe raw materials! Such a choice they costs increase? PP packaged with characteristic is more pure smaller density, toughness, that is to say better quality packing belt weight meter number of longer, hardness, better flexibility, high packing efficiency!


Pay attention to the details of the leadership, generally are not cheap, pay attention to the details of the factory can be long-term development! Packing belt is in the small stuff, but even the packing belt are carefully selected pharmaceutical company and don't pay attention to the selection of main raw materials?



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